the band

Michael Sele

Voc, Guitar, Piano

Mac Vinzens



The Beauty Of Gemina


Whether revered, feared, admired or persecuted, the owl is emblematic of good and evil while also being a symbol of wisdom – and the guardian and sorceress of the night. Singer-songwriter Michael Sele has chosen to use the name of this fascinating nocturnal creature for his new album and concert tour. We’d therefore be right to assume that this eagerly anticipated flight with the owl represents another key new milestone in the twelve-year-long career of the charismatic master, together with his band THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA.

With ten new songs and one instrumental track on what is his eighth studio album, “Flying with the Owl” (released 12 October 2018), Michael Sele once again demonstrates his international class as a composer, singer, arranger, and producer. The music is reduced to the essentials yet is always intense and vibrant. With its tasteful melodic arrangement, it lifts the spirits while also celebrating the aesthetic of darkness in a way that skilfully avoids disturbing emotional overtones. The topics and lyrics of the songs poetically and gently illuminate every facet of the human condition: our hopes and fears, our contradictions and desires, and our passion and love. Any attempts to pigeonhole THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA into a particular category are bound to fail, as Sele’s songwriting has evolved steadily over the years. With each new release, in fact, it is continuing to develop and, to some degree, reinvent itself. Boundaries are explored, as an experimental approach is taken to new sounds and instrumentation. For the new release, Sele has gathered around him a number of internationally renowned guest musicians, some of whom have already played with the live band on the successful Silent Land tour in 2017. On cello the Nice-based Swiss musician Raphael Zweifel, whose recent gigs included accompanying German band Die Toten Hosen on their recent acoustic tour. We have well-known musician and Swiss folk fiddler Eva Wey on violin, while the low notes are the responsibility of Sele’s old friend Philipp Kueng – the bass virtuoso who joined him previously on the recordings of his Iscariot Blues and Ghost Prayers albums. Mac Vinzens, Sele’s longtime musical companion and an exceptional percussionist, is the final member of the illustrious ensemble. His accented and energetic playing gives the songs the beat and rhythmic compactness they need. As on previous albums, the recording took place in Sele’s own studio in the old cinema in Mels near St. Gallen. And just as before, the album has been mixed and produced by Michael Sele personally, while the mastering and final refinement of the sound were the responsibility of the distinguished mastering engineer Ryan Smith. Sound quality, clarity and dynamic range meet the very highest standards. “Rarely have I worked with musicians who interact with one another so perfectly, behave so unpretentiously, and treat each other with such respect.” Michael Sele The mastermind behind TBOG, Michael Sele, is a gifted songwriter and singer, who with just a few skilfully implemented rock elements is capable of creating a completely intense atmosphere full of independent and diverse pearls of darkwave music.” -SONIC SEDUCER “The Beauty Of Gemina” have been performing live for ten years. Six studio albums, top-ten hits in the alternative charts throughout Europe and sold-out concerts all over the world line the trail of the darkwave band around the mastermind Michael Sele. None of this randomly happened by accident. Not the music, which simultaneously enlightens the mind and masterfully celebrates the aesthetics of the darkness. Not the subjects and lyrics, which poetically illuminate the dark corners of society in a non-invasive way. Not the huge fan community that stretches across Europe, South America and Mexico. Instead, it is the well-deserved result of many years of persistent consistency through constant evolution.


Their rise is documented by an impressively long list of concerts both at home and abroad. The band has come a long way, not just geographically, but also musically. Acclaimed performances at the legendary WGT in Leipzig, the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim and the Amphi Festival in Cologne are just as important milestones as the numerous tours that led from Russia to Greece and from Denmark to Portugal. Other highlights include performances at the renowned Jazz Festival in Montreux and the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken, concerts in London, Prague, Madrid and a recently sold out show in Mexico City. But of even greater importance than the well over 200 concerts in now twenty countries and the 150,000 kilometres covered by the band is the musical evolution that The Beauty of Gemina has gone through. Whereas in the early days, the references to the gothic and industrial scenes were clearly apparent, neither these nor any other stylistic clichés fit the band today. And they demonstrated this beautifully with their highly acclaimed acoustic album The Myrrh Sessions (2013), which they bolstered with the cello and violin. Rather than simply reducing their music to an “unplugged” session, the additional organic instruments brought unprecedented folky and jazzy nuances to the fore, while Michael Sele on the piano or the guitar dove into his pool of soundscapes from classical and contemporary music. “Rarely is music able to penetrate right to the core of the body and trigger emotions previously unknown… to call these genius strokes of simplicity would be an understatement.” (SLAM MAGAZINE, GERMANY) In addition to the consistently high-quality song-writing, live shows buzzing with energy have also made the band an integral part of the international wave scene. There are three top musicians in the band with Mac Vinzens on drums, Ariel Rossi on guitar and Andi Zuber on bass. They contribute many years of live and studio experience as well as having expertly mastered their instruments, which they always use with great sensitivity and conducive to the respective song. With the albums "Iscariot Blues" (2012), "Ghost Prayers" (2014) and "Minor Sun" (2016) the band successfully broke into Switzerland’s official Media Control Charts and the music of The Beauty Of Gemina was discovered by a steadily growing and ever widening audience. "Minor Sun" also stayed in the Alternative Charts in Germany for many weeks. In the autumn of 2016, the band went on an extensive Headliner Club Tour through seven European countries with the new album "Minor Sun". The concert in Zurich was filmed on several cameras and in the spring of 2017, the Live DVD produced according to the latest standards and the double CD "Minor Sun - Live in Zurich" were released worldwide and received enthusiastic reviews. Recently, the band held riveting concerts in South America and Mexico. “The Beauty Of Gemina burns a true firework to melancholic music, thereby making the statement of such a categorisation obsolete. “Lach mal” [Laugh sometimes] is still hanging from my wrist - and when I think back on that fantastic evening, I can do very little else.” (ART-NOIR MAGAZINE)